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Dutch Euthanasia Rate Continues to Rise

According to the 2014 Annual Report by the Netherlands’ regional euthanasia review committees, there were 5,306 reported cases of assisted dying in 2014, a 10% rise on the previous year, and double those reported in 2009 (2636). A spokesman for the review committees said that the increase may be due to a growing social acceptance of euthanasia. On this shift in public opinion, Professor Theo Boer – a member of …Read More

Euthanasia by Stealth: The Slippery Slope

Once euthanasia or assisted-suicide is legalised for a select group, before long the argument is put that it’s discriminatory not to allow it for others, including those incapable of giving consent. Legalising euthanasia in any form will inevitably lead to euthanasia in all forms. Is this what we really want for New Zealand? Read here to see the risks: http://www.presseurop.eu/en/content/news-brief/3864411-another-step-towards-euthanasia-children

University Professor Urges Medical Graduates to show Courage

Professor D Robin Taylor, University of Otago, Graduation Address Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Mayor, Members of the University Council, academic colleagues, graduating students, family members and friends – tena koutou, tena koutou,tena koutou. It is a great privilege to have been asked to give this graduation address. It is a special occasion for you as graduates, because today is a wonderful milestone in your lives either as a newly fledged doctor …Read More

Nursing Voice Needed in Euthanasia Debate

A proposed new law allowing euthanasia and assisted suicide would put both nurses and vulnerable patients at risk says Julie Maher, RN, BA, MA. She is postgraduate co-ordinator and senior lecturer, postgraduate certificate in Hospice Palliative Care, Whitireia Community Polytechnic, Porirua, New Zealand. Julie is also a Member of NZHPA.    Labour MP and health spokesperson Maryan Street has drafted a proposed new law – the End of Life Choice Bill. …Read More

Debates on euthanasia: The soul of medicine is on trial

Sinéad Donnelly Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Capital & Coast District Health Board (CCDHB), Wellington Adjunct Professor, School Biological Sciences, Victoria University, Wellington Senior Clinical Lecturer, Otago School of Medicine, Wellington This article was originally published in the Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 23-November-2012, Vol 125 No 1366 I come from a long line of doctors; since 1905, three generations and seven doctors. From my general practitioner grandfather I have …Read More