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Since the NZ Health Professionals Alliance was formed there has been an interest in the organisation from the medical community, the general public and the media.

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NZHPA in the Media

Whanganui doctor: The medical profession needs a No vote in End of Life Choice referendum

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“The End of Life Choice Referendum requires us to vote for or against the 2019 Act coming into force…Many statements, comments and perspectives have been presented and it can be confusing for us to weigh them and come to a yes/no conclusion. ”

The main benefit of assisted dying has been described as “complement[ing] the limitations of palliative care when suffering can no longer be relieved.” But assisted dying is

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ASA throw out attempt to shut down criticism of NZ Govt’s plan to introduce abortion up to birth for Down’s syndrome

November 13, 2019

“The New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has thrown out a complaint against Right To Life UK.”

“The complaint appears to have been made by Young Labour’s Senior Executive Secretary and Labour Party youth camp organiser Tess Macintyre.”

“In September 2019, Right To Life UK ran a news article on its website covering opposition from parents of children with Down’s syndrome to proposed changes to New Zealand abortion legislation that also outlined how the proposed law change would introduce abortion up to birth for disabilities including Down’s syndrome. This article was also posted on the organisation’s Facebook page.”

“The complainant, T Macintyre, claimed that the Facebook post presented  “a false claim that the Prime Minister of New Zealand is attempting to legalise abortion up to birth for foetuses with Down syndrome.”  ”

“The Advertising Standards Authority has now thrown out the complaint.”

“Spokesperson for Right To Life UK Catherine Robinson said: “The NZ Labour Party needs to stand up and justify why they want to legalise abortion for babies with disabilities including cleft lip, club foot and Down’s syndrome right through to birth. They need to stop trying to shut down debate on this important issue.”

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Powerful Video – Kiwi Doctor Against Abortion


Watch this powerful video! A Kiwi doctor explains why he stopped doing abortions and why he thinks the New Zealand Government ‘s Abortion Legislation Bill 2019 is dangerous for unborn children.

Hear the truth about the reality of abortion including late term abortions, the risks and harms of abortion to the mother, the importance of the heartbeat, foetal pain, the age of viability, and NZ’ s close

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