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Positions and papers

Articles and resources of relevance to health professionals exercising freedom of conscience in healthcare.


Relevant Positions and Papers

Professor of Nursing writes about Alzheimer’s & Euthanasia Debate

Negative attitudes towards Alzheimer ‘s disease are an undue influence on the euthanasia debate, claims an Australian bioethicist and Professor of Nursing at Deakin University.

Professor Megan-Jane Johnstone has examined the ‘ Alzheimerisation ‘ of the euthanasia debate in a new book, Alzheimer’ s disease, media representations and the politics of euthanasia: constructing risk and selling

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The Problem of Complicity

Sean Murphy – Administrator, Protection of Conscience Project – www.consciencelaws.org
It appears that most people are willing to grant that

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Relevant Position Statements from other organisations on Conscience Issues

Palliative Care Nurses Position Statement on Euthanasia and Assisted dying

ANZSPM Hospice New Zealand

New Zealand Medical Association Position Statement on Euthanasia

NZHPA Position Statement on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Salvation Army of New Zealand

World Medical Assembly Resolution on Euthanasia