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Euthanasia – What happens when prognosis for a terminal illness is wrong?

“Glenn’s doctors gave him a prognosis of six months to live three times over a period of nearly nine years. Prognosis cannot only be a little off, it can be flat out wrong. Would euthanasia have been legal, Glenn could have ended his life with years still left ahead of him. He would have missed out on so much, as would his wife and young daughter.”  When prognosis is wrong …Read More

How would you feel if your 18 year old brother was diagnosed with cancer and he chose euthanasia?

Watch this video BEFORE you decide how you’re going to vote in the referendum on The End of Life Choice Act 2019 on September 19th. Please share this video with those who may not realise how the End of Life Choice Act coming into force could drastically change NZ. Authorised by Catherine Hallagan, 42 Campbell St, Karori, Wellington, 6012  

Margaret Wong: Abortion involves more than a mother’s body

Originally published in the NZ Herald, 2 June 2016 Margaret Wong is a practising midwife who has also been a neonatal intensive care nurse and Plunket nurse during the past 40 years. Lizzie Marvelly is right; every woman should be able to make her own choices. Certainly in New Zealand, we have more choices than in any other time in history. New Zealand is probably one of the easiest countries …Read More

Abortion Law ‘Reform’: Twenty Questions that Deserve Answers

Originally published on ABC, 12 May 2016. By Rachael Wong Independent MP Rob Pyne has introduced a private member’s bill to amend Queensland’s abortion laws, which may allow women to undergo abortions through all nine months of pregnancy – up until birth. Pyne, who called the current law “archaic,” has said that his bill does not give a time limit for abortion and that he would “compromise” with MPs as …Read More

Dear Canada, Respect for Conscience is Fundamental to Health Care

Rachael Wong is a lawyer from Auckland who is currently working as a legal consultant with the Law Reform Commission in Samoa. She has recently completed a Master of Bioethics and Health Law for which she wrote her dissertation on freedom of conscience in health care. She maintains that a health professional’s exercise of conscience is inseparable from their delivery of health care. Writing for First Things, Wesley J. Smith …Read More

A Good Death is a Gift

Dr Samantha Murton, an NZHPA member and General Practitioner from Wellington, reflects on a recent death in her family. I was busily involved in our own personal experience of a gracious death with my Mother-in-Law. If I could say something now to the Health Select Committee on its Investigation into the Ending of One’s Life, it would be this. Knowing all that I know as a health professional, it was …Read More

Royal College of General Practitioners opposed to Law Change on Euthanasia

NZHPA is very pleased that the Royal College of General Practitioners in England is opposed to the Legalisation of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide. NZHPA hopes that health professionals here will follow the example of the RCGP. It believes that the medical and nursing professions should be united in rejecting any moves to legalise Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in New Zealand. Read about the RCGP’s position in the link below: http://pjsaunders.blogspot.co.nz/2014/02/rcgp-maintains-its-strong-opposition-to.html The author of the BlogSpot is Dr Peter Saunders a Kiwi doctor who studied at the …Read More

On Falling Abortion Rates: Good News and Cause for Reflection

Abortion rates are declining in the United States and in New Zealand. The reasons are varied and complex. NZHPA readers will find the statement below is relevant when they reflect on the drop in abortion numbers. The statement was made by Richard M. Doerflinger in Public Discourse on Feb 10th 2014. He was commenting on the American situation but the explanation can also be applied to Aotearoa – New Zealand. Maybe this is all pretty simple after all: if you want fewer abortions, oppose abortion; …Read More

Paediatric Palliative Medicine Community deeply concerned about Belgian legislation permitting Euthanasia of Children

Here is the official Declaration from the ICPCN (International Children’s Palliative Care Network). It outlines the Network’s opposition to the Euthanasia of Children. Legislation to this effect was passed by the Belgian Parliament on 12th Feb 2014. THE ICPCN MUMBAI DECLARATION 2014 We believe that all children (neonates, children and young people) have the right to the best quality of life. When they have life-limiting conditions they have the right to high quality palliative care to …Read More