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An Investigation into Ending One’s Life in New Zealand – Have Your Say!

The Health Select Committee at Parliament is holding an investigation into Ending One’s Life in New Zealand. It will investigate:

1. The factors that contribute to the desire to end one’s life.
2. The effectiveness of services and support available to those who desire to end their own lives.
3. The attitudes of New Zealanders toward the ending of one’s life and the current legal situation.
4. International experiences.

The Investigation is being held in response to a petition promoted by the Voluntary Euthanasia Society. Please make your own individual submission to the Health Select Committee Inquiry. You can do this by writing a submission for email or for posting to Parliament.

*Head your submission “Health Select Committee: Petition of Hon Maryan Street and 8,974 others”
*Attach a covering letter with your name, home address, email address and day-time phone number
*State whether you would like to make an oral submission
*Send two hard copies

The Content:

(a) State your general position.
(b) Stick to the four areas in the HSC Terms of Reference outlined above.
(c) Discuss a few key points. You do not need to write on all four areas of reference.
(d) Submissions can be as short as one sentence, and ideally, not longer than two pages.
(e) State your views in personal words. Don’t just cut and paste someone else’s views.
(f) Prepare a personal submission as that will be more persuasive than a form letter.
(g) Use stories, facts and sound arguments.
(h) Be clear and concise.
(I) Conclude with a summary statement.

The CLOSING DATE for SUBMISSIONS is MONDAY, 1st FEBRUARY 2016. No extensions allowed.

Email your submission to [email protected] or
Post two hard copies of your submission in a stamped addressed envelope to:

Health Committee
Select Committee Services
Parliament Buildings