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The Right to Freedom of Conscience

By Neil Vaney Introduction A recent post from Terry Bellamak, new president of the Abortion Law Rights Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ), questions why health professionals such as doctors and nurses should be legally able to use the claim of freedom of conscience in refusing to provide contraceptive or abortion advice or services. (http://wp.me/x1XY6w-z1, 14 Sep 2015). Bellamak likens this to the case of Kim Davis, county clerk of Rowan …Read More

Conscientious Objection in New Zealand: Its Legal Status and Significance

Dr Catherine Hallagan BA MBChB Dip Obstetrics FRNZCGP April 2013 I will give a doctor’s view of the issues from a personal and professional perspective since the two are closely intertwined. My approach is to discuss: Conscience and Conscientious Objection New Zealand Laws relevant to Conscientious Objection Key Moments in my professional journey Conscientious Objection & Antenatal Down Syndrome Screening Programme Challenges that lie ahead 1/ What is Conscience? Conscience is …Read More